Psychedelic Journey

A trippy journey, starting very calm and relaxed, slowly picking up speed & culminating in some pushing psychill beats. This one will get your trip going.


0:00 Krister Linder – Dare
3:36 Ott – Adrift in Hilbert Space
10:57 Trentemöller РSnowflake
18:06 Ulrich Schnauss – In all the wrong places
24:48 Chillheimer – Beneath the surface
30:32 Shpongle – Nothing is something worth doing
36:33 Tipper – Table Flipping
40:40 Crystal Vibe – Change is the only constant
48:57 Timeless – Loops of Life
53:14 Whitebear – Bardo
59:33 Desert Dwellers – The Great Mystery
1:04:32 Solar Fields – Landing Party

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