Caprecious Beats – Hiphop Album

The reason I can make a living from producing music is because I have no real genre boundaries – kind of an “audiowhore” 😉
This doesn’t help building a career as famous musician, after all people prefer a reliable and familiar output.

But hey, that’s how I roll. So this one time – just to see if I can – I produced a track in the one genre that I probably like least. The Hiphop Track “Keep your Head up” was born in an afternoon.
Lo and behold, a few years after I released it in a stock music library the online shoe shop Zalando chose it to be the main song for one of their TV-campaigns!
Damn! Out of my 300+ tracks it’s the one and only hiphop track that I ever made to reach a broader public?!
I decided to use the momentum and created this album within 2 weeks (including some older tunes that kind of fit the genre).
It was a nice experience & the most money I ever earned with a single track.
But unless my audio-whoring ass gets paid a shitload of money again, I won’t work on Hiphop anymore.. no offense, just not my taste 😉

Personal favourit: Track 3, “Caprecious Beats”

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