So you visited my talks at Psyfi – here is a quick list of some interesting links as promised.
I’ll update this list with more information as soon as I’m back home.

Pinterest: Life is fractal – My ever growing collection of examples for fractals in nature – create fractals online using recursion

Recursion toy – generate fractal bushes, trees and more in your browser

Kalles Fraktaler 2 – Windows Freeware to explore the Mandelbrot-Set

Frax – create stunning images easily with iPhone or iPad – my attempt to create a fractal encyclopedia, still work in progress, mind to help me out?

If you liked my fractal visual meditation, here is the ambient-set to listen to including the playlist.
And this is my youtube channel, full with fractal zooms and information/playlists about fractals.
I will probably also upload the recordings of my Psyfi-Talks there soon, so if you want to re-watch or share with friends, make sure to subscribe there to be notified when it’s online.

If you have any specific questions about fractals, post it at I’m the admin there “Fraktalist” and we’re always happy to answer any question to interested newbies.

So much for now, 1 day before I travel to Psyfi and the talks you heard are still not completely finished. As said, I’ll update this post once I’m back.