Clean Start – aka the Dishwasher

So this one evening I go to the kitchen to grab a drink and the dishwasher is running.
And it’s making this crazy, complex, watery beat that actually gets me dancing (not my first drink 😉 )
I run and get my handheld recorder and record this:

Which inspired me so much that I had to sit down and make it into a track. The dishwasher is slowly fading in from 0:30 to 1:00 and then runs through the whole track as the fundament for the beat.

Thanks @ my old bandmate Buchi for recording that faaaaat metal guitar!

White Rabbit (remixed) – Deepdream Animation

My take on one of my all time favourites: Jefferson Airpane – White Rabbit.
A remix I created around 1999 – recently enhanced with a very special fractal deep dream zoom video. (more info below)

Since Google released their #deepdream algorithm I’ve been totally fascinated with the images you can generate.
The principle is futuristic but simple:
You take a computer version of a neural network (like our brain) and train it to recognize objects in photos.

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A first preview with the title-track of my upcoming Album “Wonders” which is exploring the combination of classical orchestra&cinematic music with dreamy, deep techno beats.

3d Fractals used with friendly permission of the incredible  Julius Horsthuis


This track is a second preview of my still unfinished upcoming Album “Wonders” that is all about combining classical orchestra & cinematic music with dreamy, deep techno beats.