Ethereal Bliss

I’ve collected my favourit Ambient and Chillout Tracks of all time and made them into this soothing Mix that invites your mind to go an a calm but colourful journey


0:00 We are all Astronauts – Ether
6:48 Clemens Ruh – Broken
10:14 Asura – Everlasting
24:01 Sean Williams – Memories
29:37 Aes Dana – Anthrazit
35:08 Need a Name – Everything is Moving but not the Sky
38:11 Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interloper
44:05 Lauge & Baba Gnohm – Refleksioner
54:33 Eguana – Outer Space
1:01:56 Chillheimer – Fireflies
1:05:47 Nuclear Ramjet – Floating Time
1:11:19 Ulrich Schnauss – Blumenwiese neben Autobahn
1:17:28 Astronaut Ape – Nebula
1:23:21 Pink Floyd – Shine on you Crazy Diamond

The Brain Tickler – Psychill/Psybass DJ-Set

So I’ve just discovered my love for the rather new genre of Psy-Chill or Psy-Bass and created this mix of some of my favourite tracks so far.

Psy-Chill is a trippy mix of Goa-Trance, Dubstep, Breakbeats and Chillout and.. well it’s definitely a crazy mixture. 



  • 0:00 Val- Shapeshifter
  • 5:44 Quanta & Eurythmy – Psyswamp (Quanta Mix)
  • 11:54 Mantismash – Spectralize
  • 19:30 Sixis & Expedizion – Awakening World
  • 26:20 Grouch – Reverse
  • 27:30 Mindex – Wolfram
  • 31:50 – Quanta – Day of Orin
  • 37:14 Akasha Experience – Soul Circus
  • 42:23 Tipper – The Re-Up
  • 46:17 Whitebear x Mumukshu – Pareidolia
  • 51:33 Govinda – Beautiful Mystery
  • 54:58 Birds of Paradise – Mirage (Push/Pull Remix)
  • 1:01:45 Globular – Cogs of Cognition
  • 1:07:39 Chris Komus – The Lioness

Psychedelic Journey

A trippy journey, starting very calm and relaxed, slowly picking up speed & culminating in some pushing psychill beats. This one will get your trip going.


0:00 Krister Linder – Dare
3:36 Ott – Adrift in Hilbert Space
10:57 Trentemöller – Snowflake
18:06 Ulrich Schnauss – In all the wrong places
24:48 Chillheimer – Beneath the surface
30:32 Shpongle – Nothing is something worth doing
36:33 Tipper – Table Flipping
40:40 Crystal Vibe – Change is the only constant
48:57 Timeless – Loops of Life
53:14 Whitebear – Bardo
59:33 Desert Dwellers – The Great Mystery
1:04:32 Solar Fields – Landing Party

Clean Start – aka the Dishwasher

So this one evening I go to the kitchen to grab a drink and the dishwasher is running.
And it’s making this crazy, complex, watery beat that actually gets me dancing (not my first drink 😉 )
I run and get my handheld recorder and record this:

Which inspired me so much that I had to sit down and make it into a track. The dishwasher is slowly fading in from 0:30 to 1:00 and then runs through the whole track as the fundament for the beat.

Thanks @ my old bandmate Buchi for recording that faaaaat metal guitar!

Downstream Voyage – Ambient&Chillout Mix

A musical journey downstream from the spring in the mountain, cascading down the hills, flowing through thick forests, deep caves, wide meadows, growing into a wide river that finally reaches the ocean.

I created this mix as musical score for a very special fractal zoom – I was fed up with all those ultra-fast zooms on youtube, so I decided to do one in slow motion and 4k, so you can actually appreciate all the details that make fractals worthwhile
Here’s the video, enjoy! – watch fullscreen and switch to 4k even if your monitor doesn’t support it, helps with the bad youtube compression! 

White Rabbit (remixed) – Deepdream Animation

My take on one of my all time favourites: Jefferson Airpane – White Rabbit.
A remix I created around 1999 – recently enhanced with a very special fractal deep dream zoom video. (more info below)

Since Google released their #deepdream algorithm I’ve been totally fascinated with the images you can generate.
The principle is futuristic but simple:
You take a computer version of a neural network (like our brain) and train it to recognize objects in photos.

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Sonnentanz – Deephouse Album

This album came to life in the summer of 2006 when I discovered the Berlin underground minimal techno scene with their illegal park parties each weekend and also starting my festival career at the beloved Fusion Festival.

Relaxing & deep minimal beats to let your mind drift.

Mindfucking Beats

Welcome to the wild side – this mix of crazy Psybass Beats will mess with your mind


0:00 Rival Consoles – Recovery
4:47 Mantis Mash – Wandering Shuffle
11:13 Kaya Project – One Hundred Lights
16:01 Birds of Paradise – Riding the Froth
21:48 Beatroots – Fun-Da-Mental
24:10 Chris Komus – Sickly Fingers
31:19 Quanta – In the Realms of
37:30 Symbolico – I am staring at you
41:38 Grouch – In Dub (Mr Squatch Remix)
49:27 Gaudi – No more Blood
55:03 Hedflux & Grouch – Lumination (Brujo’s Bowl Remix)
1:01:35 Bogtrotter – Habitual Focus
1:04:43 Clozee – Gotta get some Sleep
1:09:14 Kaminada – Celestial Dub


A first preview with the title-track of my upcoming Album “Wonders” which is exploring the combination of classical orchestra&cinematic music with dreamy, deep techno beats.

3d Fractals used with friendly permission of the incredible  Julius Horsthuis


This track is a second preview of my still unfinished upcoming Album “Wonders” that is all about combining classical orchestra & cinematic music with dreamy, deep techno beats.

Metal Remix: Samsas Traum – Wie das Ewige Meer

I’m always interested in exploring new grounds. So when Alexander Kaschte from the german band “Samsas Traum” approached me to do a Remix EP I just went for it.
Definitely not my usual style, dark and aggressive – but I love it, very special.

Track Nr 6 – So wie die Wellen
I actually built a custom didgeridoo to fit the key of the song 🙂

Find the other 5 Tracks in the youtube playlist below:

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