I’m Chillheimer, 39, from Berlin
Music producer and fractal artist
Father and philosopher

I love
-nature, gardening
-dancing barefeet at psytrance festivals,
-deep talks at the campfire

Catching and reproducing the essence of any musical genre is my unique talent, which is why I make my living as music producer of stock music, running www.evermusic.de
Being a Jack of all trades doesn’t help building a career as artist though. But I don’t mind – I do what I love for a living.

I’m also a part-time researcher, discovering the deep connection between fractal geometry and our universe, sharing my findings at www.fractal.institute
(have a look at this intro, to see what I mean in 4 minutes)

I also am administrator of www.fractalforums.org – so if you’d like to chat about/ learn to create/ have any questions regarding fractals, head over there!

I’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma roughly 15 years ago and am slowly going blind.
It influences my life more than I would like, but it’s a slow decline and I still have a few years to get used to it.
Combining fractals and music is my way to tickle those cells of my optic nerves one last time before they die off forever. 

But it’s okay, I’ll always have my deepest passion – music.
There are so many levels and ways of life to enjoy – you just gotta open your eyes (or ears) to it 😉

I’m always happy to hear from my visitors and get in contact with my fellow human space monkeys 🙂 This is what motivates me to keep the site up to date, so drop me a line here